Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels need cleaning in order to get the maximum power generated from the panel.  Dirty panels can reduce efficiency from 20% to 50%, especially if they are covered in bird droppings.   Our pure water hot wash water fed pole cleans your panels without damaging them and leaves them at maximum efficiency.  As we use ‘pure water’ the surface has no impurieties for the dirt to cling to and hence dust finds it harder to stay on the surface. NB: No detergents or harmful substances that would invalidate your solar panel warranty.

The photo below shows our Solar Panel Cleaning Service in action with ‘before and ‘after’ photos.  Check your solar panel meter (which shows how much power is being generated), to see if it has gone down (since it was first installed), then give us a call on 0845 474 9107 and let us demonstrate how we can make the difference.  The Pure Water reduces the frequency that the panels will need cleaning, typically only every three months.



solar panel cleaning service n Kent and South London

solar panel cleaning service in Kent and South London