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click for FREE Window Cleaning - Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning in Kent from Window Cleaning Water Fed PoleWater Fed Pole Window Cleaning in Kent from Window Cleaning Water Fed Pole


Offering Clean Windows across Kent


Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning UK Ltd offers Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning in Kent. Kent can now benefit from a new eco friendly window cleaning service that is kind to the environment and kind to its window cleaners.

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning in Kent from Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning UK

The revolutionary water fed pole window cleaning system uses pure water to clean windows without using chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

The Window Cleaning Water Fed Pole offers a professional window cleaning service for both residential customers and businesses alike in Kent.

Unlike door to door knocking window washers our professional window cleaners will perform a high quality job leaving your windows dirt free and shining (they will even stay cleaner after it has rained, because we clean the frames as well as the windows).


Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning UK

  • We clean window sills before moving on to the windows (which means windows stay cleaner after it rains)
  • Environmentally friendly - using natural filtered water to clean your windows
  • No hassle - the water’s in the vehicle already
  • No risk - no ladders & no walking on your tiles
  • Total privacy - no one looking in at the window
  • Access to difficult to reach areas - cleaning conservatory roofs
  • Can reach up to a 6 storey high buildings, with the water fed pole extended
  • Fully equipped with our own window cleaning equipment

Inside Window Washing

  • We clean windows from the inside, not just the outside
  • We use a squeegee to catch all of the drips
  • We wipe around the edges with a cloth
  • Completes the second half of the window washing job that's mostly missed out
  • Gain the benefit of a house with completely clean windows on both sides in Kent

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If you require Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning in Kent then please contact Window Cleaning Water Fed Pole on 07886 099 013 TODAY for a window cleaning price to make your windows sparkle and help look after the environment for TOMORROW!



Featured Window Cleaning Service

Inside Window Washing

Inside Window Washing

To save you doing the job we offer window washing from the inside as well as window cleaning from the outside. We use professional window washing tools to get the best results from your windows giving them a sparkling finish.

You can gain full benefit from having your windows washed inside as well as outside. Doing just one side is only half the job resulting in half the satisfaction.


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Featured Testimonial

"The cleaning service has been very good and always reliable"
Roger Yorke, Director, Prestige Fire & Security Ltd., Bromley

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